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Machine translation and your privacy

In order to save time, it can be interesting to make use of machine translation. This can be useful if, for instance, you have a large amount of uniform documents to translate. Your privacy should be taken into consideration if you choose this option. What can you watch out for?

What is machine translation?
Machine translation uses a computer program to convert words from one language to another. A well known example of this is Google Translate. Usually, these programs are coded in English. The program then translates from Japanese, via English, to Dutch and vice versa.

The software used to translate texts is becoming more and more advanced. Your experience with Google Translate might not always be consistent, but there is a rise in deep learning programs which deliver quite acceptable translations. If you combine a machine translation with a proofread by an experienced translator, it can be a useful tool.

Machine translation and your privacy
Most software used for machine translation offers a free service and a paid service. The free service usually saves sentences in a cloud. This enables the program to learn more, but it also means your documents may be accessible to people outside of your organization.

Paid versions of the software are more reliable with data, but usually still not ironclad. Are you dealing with sensitive information, such as personal details or policy documents? Then you may want to reconsider using machine translation for your assignment.

Using machine translation safely
When you book a translation assignment, a good translator will always inform you if they use a machine translation. If your documents are confidential, it never hurts to tell your translator in advance. That way, they can take your privacy into account even more than they normally would.

Als u op zoek gaat naar een vertaler, bekijk dan altijd het privacy statement. Verder kunt u eventuele If you are still looking for a translator, always read through their privacy statement. Furthermore, you should never be hesitant to discuss any concerns regarding privacy in advance. Most translator offer an intake where you can discuss your wishes. This may take you some time, but it is always smart to take advantage of this. This ensures that your assignment is performed safely and as it should be.