Japanese language services

Moshi Moshi provides professional translations and interpreters, communicating your strengths and nuances

Other services

At Moshi Moshi we like to go above and beyond for you. Therefore, we offer several options outside of our regular package of services. For example, we can help you perform market research if you have business plans in Japan. Aside from this, we offer Japanese lessons and training courses.

Market research
Are you planning to open a business in Japan? Moshi Moshi is happy to support and assist you during this process. With our extensive knowledge about Japan and the Japanese language and culture, we can perform an expert market research for you.

Japanese lessons
Aside from performing translations and interpretation jobs, Moshi Moshi is equipped to teach Japanese lessons for you or your employees. We can help you gain a basic understanding of the language, but also allow you to learn business language or reading texts that are specific to your field of work. As always, we like to zoom in on the details and nuances of the language, which allows you to understand the more subtle layers of a conversation.

A big part of intercultural contact is nonverbal communication. Understanding each other’s etiquette rules and knowing how to be polite is important in order to have a successful interaction. The experts at Moshi Moshi have had years of experience navigating between Japan and the Netherlands. This makes us very well suited as advisors in this area.

We can also advise on the use of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). As interpreters, we are familiar with this method. Furthermore, we can act as a consultant for you company. Are you interested in optimizing your chain of production? We are happy to provide you with expert advice.

Temporary employment
Our services are not limited to one-off contact. It is possible to hire our experts as temporary employees. This might come in handy when you are on the verge of an ongoing project with a Japanese partner. A resident expert in the field of Japanese language can be a useful addition to your team.

Social projects
As translators and interpreters, we like to keep our playing field as broad as possible. We have a lot of experience with social projects. For example, we were allowed to act as translators for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, together with the NOC*NSF. We also like to contribute to projects concerning health care and legislation. This allows us to alternate pure business with more political and social projects.