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TPM: Total Productive Maintenance & Six Sigma.

One of the subjects we have a lot of experience with is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and applying Six Sigma within this context. Moshi Moshi has spent over eight years explaining and propagating this Japanese method in companies. What is TPM exactly and how can you apply it to your production chain?

What is TPM?
Total Productive Maintenance aims to improve productivity in factories. One of the companies that are viewed as founders of TPM is Toyota. They developed the Toyota Production System. Many components of this method are also used in TPM. The management system strives to make production go easy and flawless. It also aims to protect and care for employees.

TPM is often combined with the principles of Six Sigma. This allows the chance of fault to be brought back even further. The use of both systems has gone beyond improving machinal production. In the Netherlands, the method has proved popular in the food industry and supply chain management.

Why apply TPM and Six Sigma?
The implementation of TPM and Six Sigma can increase your productivity. Because the risk of mistakes and accidents is lowered, more room is left for successful production and delivery. Moreover, the loss of time, products and revenue is decreased, because the process allows for less defects.

These strategies give more autonomy and security to employees. Because they are held responsible for their process, they feel more concerned with production. At the same time, employees are allowed to participate in the organization. This only makes the improvements stronger, because workers on the floor are more capable of finding hidden faults and losses.
The TPM system works both top-down and bottom-up. Employees and management participate at an equal level within the company. All parties are capable of finding and solving problems in the production chain. Everyone, from CEO to cleaning staff, is seen as valuable and able to contribute to continuous optimization.

TPM and Six Sigma consultancy
Since the first implementation at Toyota, TPM and Six Sigma have been improved upon worldwide. In the Netherlands, there are multiple companies who use this management style. Of course, a method which prioritizes employees is a perfect fit for the way we look at work nowadays.