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Moshi Moshi provides professional translations and interpreters, communicating your strengths and nuances

About us

Moshi Moshi was founded by Japanologist René Lourens. Over the years, our translation service has gathered a broad network of professional freelancers and experts. Are you in search of a Japanese translator or interpreter? We offer you a rich pool of expertise and knowledge in this field. At Moshi Moshi, you will always be sure to find the right translator.

Moshi Moshi
Better than it has to be. Improving constantly and never stop learning, in order to become the very best there is. This is the motto that motivates Moshi Moshi to commit to you as a client. For every one of our assignments, we strive to deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.

Our slogan is also applied to our double native standard. Because of our large network of native speakers in Dutch, English and Japanese, we are able to understand the nuance of all these languages. This allows Moshi Moshi to do more than simply translate language A to language B.

We like to exert ourselves to be better than we need to be, by communicating every detail and nuance of your story. This standard makes it possible to allow a natural form of communication and to exceed the bounds of culture.

Working with Moshi Moshi
Are you in need of a Japanese translation? Look no further, because Moshi Moshi is the right partner for you. We would love to go over your needs and advise you about the possibilities. For this, we try to go beyond just the translation. From coordinating your event to consulting about cultural differences, we are here for you.

Moshi Moshi makes sure you are always linked to a translator or interpreter who is knowledgeable about every nuance in your field. It goes without saying that we always prepare extensively. This allows us to be completely up to date about developments and jargon in your field. This ensures u of a complete package of quality translations.

René Lourens
René Lourens studied Japanese Language and Culture at Leiden University in the Netherlands. During and after his studies he worked as an interpreter, guide and translator. He was able to work on a great variety of assignments and developed a deep appreciation for the craft of translation. Thanks to his fifteen plus years of experience, you are assured of reliable, expert service.

Momo Mikawa
Momo Mikawa studied Hungarian Language at Osaka University of Foreign Studies. Subsequently, she graduated form Leiden University with a master’s degree in Dutch Studies, specializing in second language acquisition. Apart from her work as translator for Moshi Moshi, Momo teaches at the Volksuniversiteit in Rotterdam. She is very knowledgeable about both the Japanese language and its cultural background.

Moshi Moshi is based in Leiden

For more information, please contact us at 0000000000 or info@japansevertalingen.nl