Japanese language services

Moshi Moshi provides professional translations and interpreters, communicating your strengths and nuances


Are you looking for a Japanese interpreter? Our interpreters are able to translate Japanese-English, Japanese-Dutch and vice versa. Other languages are available upon inquiry. We offer a broad scale of services.

Japanese interpreter for business occasions
In business contact not only language, but also cultural values and habits are important. An interpreter can act as a guide, helping you to navigate a relatively unknown environment. This allows you to be sure of making a positive impression on your business partner and contacts. Your interests are easily represented, without the risk of misunderstandings.

Are you unsure of whether you really need an interpreter? Please contact us, or read the blog:
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More than just translation
Your situation determines which form of interpretation is best for your needs. At Moshi Moshi we provide a broad scale of services, to make sure you are always well represented among your contacts. We will always determine which service applies most to you, beforehand and in consultation with you. We offer the following interpretation options:

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation means the interpreter will wait to translate until you finish speaking. This form of translating is suitable if you like to take your time and communicate the tiny nuances of your story.

Whispered interpretation

Is there someone in your audience who has not mastered the main language? A whispered interpretation might be a good option in this case. This form of translation does not take away attention from you or your presentation, all the while allowing it to be understood by everyone in your audience.

Interpreting simultaneously

Interpreting simultaneously means the interpreter speaks at the same time as you do. This allows you to give your presentation in a natural way, without interruption. There is hardly any time loss due to waiting for a translation. This allows for an organic and natural form of communication.

Other services
Moshi Moshi is happy to go beyond just interpretation services. We are experienced in doing market research. Consultancy about Japanese culture and habits is also possible. Please contact us to find out about the various possibilities.