Japanese language services

Moshi Moshi provides professional translations and interpreters, communicating your strengths and nuances

Japanese lessons

We at Moshi Moshi see a great importance in the sharing of knowledge and experience. Because of this, we offer Japanese lessons as well as translation services and interpretation. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker looking for extra knowledge: we are pleased to accommodate your learning needs.

Japanese courses in language acquisition
The Japanese language is completely different from English. This makes it a challenging language to master, but learning it is also very interesting. Are you interested in starting or deepening your understanding of Japanese? We offer expert lessons and courses. We pay attention to idiom and grammar, aiming to help you gain a quick and useful understanding of the language. Perhaps you will be able to understand a Japanese children’s movie in only a few months!

Cultural background and context
Speaking a language becomes a lot more fun if you can understand the cultural context of it. In our lessons, we always make sure you can learn more about this. Whether it be history or popular Japanese culture: you will start to discover the country of Japan along with its language.

Individual classes or learning as a group
At Moshi Moshi you can take individual lessons as well as group classes. Lessons are provided at our home base in Leiden, but a course on location is also possible. Are you looking to open a business in Japan? In that case it might be useful to have some of your employees be familiar with the language and culture. Of course, we also welcome you if you are simply interested to learn more yourself.

Tutoring for students
When studying Japanese Language and Culture, you will need to gain a lot of knowledge about the Japanese language in a relatively short amount of time. Many students find this task quite a challenge. This may lead to stress, worrying or in the worst case scenario even experiencing a delay in your studies. Taking on a tutor may help in preventing these problems. At Moshi Moshi we are very experienced with the difficult study of Japanese. This means we are capable of helping you prepare for exams or broadening your knowledge.